4 Ways to Utilize Your Author Facebook Page

Does one of your marketing goals involve social media? Are you anxious to up your Facebook game and just not sure where to start? Facebook is a great place to develop more personal relationships with your tribe of loyal readers.

Here are four quick ways to set yourself up for Facebook success through your Author Page.

Make Sure You have a Business Page

Personal profiles are a great way to connect with friends, show off pictures of your adorable pets, and share what is going on in your world, but to promote yourself as an author and a brand, having a Facebook business page is the way to go. This will allow readers and fans to easily find you in a search. It will also allow them to “Like” your page without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes when an author only has a personal Facebook account, readers hesitate to send a friend request because they don’t want to invade the author’s privacy. Having a business page will allow readers to “Like” and know they are in the right place.

Review Your Profile (and Cover) Photos

When is the last time you looked at your profile photo? Take a look at your photo and ask yourself, What do I want readers to know about me when they first visit my page? Does this photo give them the impression I want it to? 

Cute pictures of your pets or a clip art image may be interesting to look at, but do they help the reader get to know you better? You want a visitor’s first impression of the page to be one where they connect with you (we buy more books from authors we feel we have a personal connection with). Make your profile picture one of yourself, your latest release, or something that will help the readers feel that personal connection to you and your brand.

Schedule Your Posts

Once your basics are in place, it’s time for the fun stuff – posting and interacting with your readers. But social media can be such a time suck. How do you post regularly without having it suck all your time? Schedule your posts.

I recommend a set day and time where you are going to schedule posts for the entire week. I do this on Monday mornings. Each week on Monday morning, I set aside one hour devoted to social media. I then schedule out all my posts for the entire week. Using a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, you can schedule exactly what you want to go out and when. It’s also a great way to make sure you cover all types of posts you want. Scheduling allows you to remember to schedule posts that tell readers about you, upcoming news, links to your books, links to your latest blog posts and appearances, and personal fun posts to get them engaged. Only posting to Facebook? You can schedule that right from within Facebook itself. 

Engage With Your Tribe

Once your posts are out there, don’t just forget about them! Stop back to your page daily and take a few minutes to “like” posts and comment on comments that are left. Everyone loves a two way conversation and your readers are going to feel more connected to you when you are chatting with them.


Taking a few minutes today to get your Facebook Page in order will pay off down the road. Set a solid foundation today and get ready to rock your Facebook Author Page!

Still Feel Overwhelmed?

Did you know that A Cozy Experience offers social media support for cozy mystery authors? In addition to my Custom Facebook Parties, I’m happy to help write social media content, coordinate your giveaways, manage your Facebook Groups, and more. Shoot me an email and let’s chat!

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Suzanne Trauth
4 years ago

I am a writer of a cozy mystery series…I’m wondering if you do posts/reviews/interviews of upcoming books?
Thanks! Loved your blog post on Facebook.