5 Reasons Cozy Mystery Books are the Best Stress Relief

Today’s world is stressful. There are stressors coming at you from every angle. From the person who cuts you off on the way to work, to the snarky person in line at the grocery store, to the never ending stack of bills in the mailbox. And heaven forbid you turn on the evening news!

So what do you to to destress? The Internet is full advice on the best ways to relieve stress. But I’m here to tell you about one of my favorite, time and tested methods for stress relief: Reading Cozy Mysteries.

So just what about reading cozy mysteries makes them such a great stress relief?

They give you an escape to another world.

Books are a great escape. Without leaving your home, you are transported to another world full of adventure. It is a great way to take a vacation from the stresses of life without ever leaving your house!

The sense of accomplishment.

Cozy mysteries are usually pretty quick reads. The sense of accomplishment when you finish a book is a great thing. Give yourself the sense of accomplishment of not only enjoying a great book, but of completing a task as well.

Warm and inviting cover art.

I am such a sucker for a fun cover. There is just something about holding a book in your hands that has a warm and inviting cover. It is like carrying around a piece of art with you in your purse. A welcoming cover enhances the reading experience.

Everything ends well in the end.

Cozy mysteries by definition are lighthearted mysteries (minus the whole murder thing) and are done without a lot of gore or violence. The story is usually simple and by the end of the book the bad guy is behind bars and the main character is back to their life.

It gives you someone to root for.

I love reading books where the main character is someone I’m rooting for. Cozies are a great genre for this. The main character is usually likable and someone you can relate to in some way. You just feel good when things work out for them in the end.

Life is stressful enough. What you read doesn’t have to be.

The next time you are trying to decide what to take on a trip or looking for something easy and fun, check out a cozy mystery. You’ll be glad you did. Can’t decide what to read? Check back here. We are always reviewing new books and have you covered.

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Christi King
Christi King
5 years ago

You listed all the reasons I read cozies…great post.

Lisa Hamm
Lisa Hamm
5 years ago

Love this post!!

Linda Boldyreff
Linda Boldyreff
5 years ago

When we moved from Pensacola to Bedford Ohio I was asked to join the Garden Club and the Historical Society. Not having any idea what they were all about, I we t to the library and checked out 2 cozy books about Garden Club and Historical Society.

Regina Clarke
3 years ago

Couldn’t find a link for the article to Twitter so just posted the URL in a Tweet.

Giovanni Baez
Giovanni Baez
2 years ago

I’m making big changes to my reading habits. I’ll be switching from dark and gritty stories to fun and heartwarming stories. Cozy mysteries are definitely on my radar. Great post BTW!