A Deadly Feast Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: A Deadly Feast (9th book in the Key West Food Critic Mystery Series)

Author: Lucy Burdette

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

About the Book

Food critical Hayley Snow is getting married! But between wedding planning and Thanksgiving dinner prep, she has to finish one last article for Key Zest magazine. Unfortunately while on a food tour for the article, a woman does under suspicious circumstances. Can Hayley get to the bottom of things before she says, “I do?”

Marie’s Thoughts

A magical series set in a magical location! I’ve never been to Key West, but its uniqueness and charm shine through in this book. Protagonist Hayley has a lot going on in this book and we are along for the ride. As always, the supporting characters provide a colorful array of personalities that add to the book’s charm. This was a quick and entertaining book – perfect for your next vacation or day at the beach!

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