A Ghostly Suspect Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: A Ghostly Suspect (A Ghostly Southern Mystery)

Author: Tonya Kappes

About the Book

Debbie Dually has always been one Emma Lee Raines can turn to when she needs to talk about being a Betweener (someone who can see dead people that haven’t passed over). But when Debbie is killed, she needs Emma Lee’s help to catch her killer. Can Emma Lee help solve the mystery so Debbie can have some peace? 

Marie’s Thoughts

This book was everything I have come to know and love in a Tonya Kappes novel – funny, captivating, and leaves me feeling good when I close the book for the final time. A great book for fans of supernatural cozy mysteries. It is infused with humor and charm. It was a quick read and I was able to finish the book in about 48 hours. I recommend to all mystery lovers!

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