A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries Collection Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: The Cambodian Curse and Other Stories: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Collection 

Author: Gigi Pandian

Publisher: Henery Press

A Little About the Book

This is a collection of nine locked room short story mysteries featuring author Gigi Pandian’s popular protagonist, historian / professor, Jaya Jones. Jaya and friends solve crimes while traveling to various exciting destinations around the globe.

Stuff You Should Know

historical, locked room mysteries, Indian culture, university life, travel

Stand Alone Book
This collection of short stories stands alone and it is not necessary to have read any of Jaya’s other adventures to enjoy the book. I have not read the rest of the series and did not feel left behind.

Marie’s Thoughts

It has been awhile since I’ve read a collection of short stories. Probably since I read Sherlock Holmes many years ago. I forgot how enjoyable short stories can be. I have not had the pleasure to read Jaya’s other adventures and this was an enjoyable intro to Jaya and her friend Sanjay. They were fun and I liked that Sanjay had several adventures of his own. So many times I love some of the secondary characters in a series and wish to hear more about them – this was a great opportunity to do so. I have already picked up the first book in Pandian’s series and can’t wait to get started on it!

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