A Literal Mess Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: A Literal Mess (Book #1 in the Allie Cobb Mystery Series)
Author: JC Kenney
Publisher: Lyrical Underground

About the Book

Allie Cobb’s father is her hero. She even followed in his footsteps and now enjoys a career in literary publishing – just like him. When he passes away from cancer, Allie heads home to Rushing Creek, Indiana. But things are anything but quiet in her hometown. Her father’s best friend and number one client is found dead under suspicious circumstances and his daughter (Allie’s best friend) is the top suspect. Can Allie get to the bottom of things and restore order to her hometown?

Stuff You Should Know

publishing, small town charm, strong female protagonist, multi-generational family, cats

If You Like …
Becky Clark’s Mystery Writer’s Mystery Series, you’ll enjoy this book.

Marie’s Thoughts

I have been looking forward to this book for awhile now – ever since I had the pleasure of sitting down to interview the author at Malice Domestic. I really enjoyed Allie as a protagonist. She was relatable – broken, yet strong. I love that you can see how her deceased father (her hero) continues to shape her life, even after his death. The story was fast-paced and I found myself saying, “just one more page” many times as devoured the book in about 48 hours. A strong cozy mystery debut for JC Kenney. I can’t wait to see where he takes Allie next!

Want to Party With Us?

Join me and chat with author JC Kenney about his debut cozy mystery on January 8th. We hope you will be able to join the fun! Party in this Facebook Event Invite.

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J.C. Kenney
4 years ago

Thanks so much for your kind words and support, Marie. Looking forward to the Facebook release party!

Grace Topping
Grace Topping
4 years ago

Can’t wait for this celebration.

Clemmie jackson
Clemmie jackson
4 years ago

On my list 2b read?