Another One Bites the Crust Book Review

Another solid book in one of my favorite series. Just when I think I couldn’t love an installment more, Ellie Alexander keeps surprising me with new twists and turns. A great one for sure!

Just the Facts

Name: Another One Bites the Crust (7th in the Bakeshop Mystery Series)

Author: Ellie Alexander

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

A Little About the Book

It is Shakespeare season once again in Ashland. A new season of the theater brings new drama to the life of Jules and the other Ashland residents. Jules’ friend Lance, who is also the artistic director of the OSF takes center stage when he finds a dead body. When Lance then starts to act strangely (even for him) Jules knows it’s up to her to find out what really happened and clear her friend’s name. 

Stuff You Should Know

Sub-Themes: Baking, bakeshop, quant scenic towns, love triangle, multi-generational family

Can You Start the Series in the Middle: You can. The author always gives a little context at the beginning so you can start with any installment. However, it has a great back-story, so I would recommend stating this series at book one.

Marie’s Thoughts

This is such a fun series. It is one I always look forward to. Jules is a hard working, fun loving main character, but comes with a history and scars that make her very relatable. Ellie Alexander does a wonderful job of painting imagery with her words that have you glued to the pages. I always have to pace myself with these books because I read them so fast, but want to savor the experience at the same time!

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Jeanie Jackson
Jeanie Jackson
5 years ago

It would be so easy for this series to follow the standard but it stands out mostly because the characters and their relationships are unique.