Author Chat: Laura Bradford

Sometimes you come across a book series that has such a fun concept, you just can’t help be a fan even before you’ve read the book. This happened to me when I picked up the Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery Series by Laura Bradford. A dessert delivery service? She had my attention. Throw in the humor, wit, and entertainment of Bradford’s writing style and I was hooked.

Laura came by the Cozy Experience Book Discussion Group recently to chat with us about her latest book, The Silence of the Flans, the inspiration behind her characters, and what is coming up for her and her books.

Here are some highlights from our chat with national bestselling author, Laura Bradford.

Can you tell us a little more about the inspiration for the Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery Series?

Sure. It started a few summers ago when one of my former girl scouts came to visit me and my daughter in New York. She had an interest in baking for a living and was enthralled by food trucks. So I came up with the idea for an Emergency Dessert Squad. She kind of shrugged it off but I knew I had a fabulous idea for a cozy!

What made you decide to have older characters as Winnie’s friends in this series?

Because I think they’re such a wealth of information, wisdom, and humor. And they have no filter. All good things with a mystery setting. And I just love to write them!

Do you have favorite place in Pennsylvania to do research for your Amish Mystery Series?

Lancaster County. Bird in Hand, Paradise, all the surrounding farm roads, etc.

What is on the horizon for Winnie and the Emergency Dessert Squad? Do you have any other books coming out in this series or others?

Book # 3 in the Emergency Dessert Squad Series is called Dial M for Mousse and will be out in January 2018. It is up for pre-order now. The cover reveal will be soon, which is dynamite!

Book # 2 and # 3 in the Tobi Tobias Mysteries will all be out this calendar year. 30 Second Death will be out in July 2017 and And Death Goes To… in December 2017.

The 6th Amish will be out in September 2017. And the 12th book in my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries (written under the pen name Elizabeth Lynn Casey) is called Patterned After Death and will be out in June 2017. And in the Summer of 2018, I’ll have my first women’s fiction (Amish themed) debuting with Kensington Publishing and I’m super excited about that.

We also learned that Laura has Pinterest Boards where she saves ideas and inspiration for her books.

Check out her Pinterest Page, and don’t forget to look at the Emergency Dessert Squad board for pictures of what Laura feels Winnie’s house looks like, how she pictures Lovely, the ambulance, and more!

Thanks to Laura for stopping by to chat with us. And don’t forget to join our Cozy Experience Facebook Group for all of the latest information on how you can attend these Author Chats Live!

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