Author Interview: Duffy Brown

Duffy Brown is one funny lady. With the creative and innovative way Duffy weaves humor into her writing, it is no surprise that the Cozy Experience Online Book Club went wild Duffy’s book, Geared for the Grave was selected as our June Book Club choice.

Duffy was able to join us earlier in the week for our monthly Facebook Party & Book Club Chat. I wanted to share some highlights with you here. Just in case you were unable to attend, or wanted to relive the fun one more time.

Duffy, this is such a fun series! Can you tell us a little about the inspiration for Evie and the Cycle Path Mystery Series?

I wanted a setting where when someone mentions it and you get a felling right away for the place. Like if I say New Orleans or New York. I just love Mackinac Island in that it’s kind of a time warp with no cars and only horses and bikes to get around. And of course an island where you can’t come or go at will is always exciting for a murder. Evie is loosely built on my daughter who went from Savannah to New York City to work in the advertising world. What a culture shock that was!

One thing that really sets your books apart from other cozy mysteries is how funny they are! Did you make a conscious effort to inject humor into your books, or did it just happen as a natural part of your writing style?

I’m 70 years old and have been though dying parents, husband, etc. Enough tears. Now I want to laugh so that’s what I write. The world has enough angst. If that’s want you want, just pick up a newspaper. I’m a girl who just wants to have fun. If I’m having fun writing the story I hope you all have fun reading it. A mini vacation.

And I guess its part of my style. I once tried to write a more serious story and kept thinking of all these great fun things to say instead so it was back to laughs for me.

What is your favorite type of fudge?

Just pass me the plate. I love them all. Peanut butter is probably my to die for fudge.

What is on the horizon for Evie and the Cycle Path Mystery Series? Do you have any other books coming out in 2017 in this series or others?

I’m working on Tandem Demise, third book in the series right now. The plan is to have it out in November. It involves our good police chief Nate Sutter and why he’s on the run and the bad guys finally catching up with him. The second book in the series, Braking for Bodies is out now. There’s a murder at the Grand Hotel that the locals try and pass it off as a murder mystery weekend so everyone doesn’t go running off the island during tourist season. But now we have a bunch of tourists trying to catch a killer.

Thank you again for Duffy for taking the time to chat with us!

As always, we greatly appreciate the time our monthly featured authors take to sit down and give us the inside scoop into their world.

Want to keep up with Duffy and what she is up to? Check out her website, author Facebook Page, and Twitter. You can also find her blogging with some other terrific authors at the Cozy Chicks Blog.

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Duffy Brown
Duffy Brown
5 years ago

Thanks so much for the interview! I truly appreciate it. Hugs, Duffy