Beat the Winter Blues with A Late Frost

A Late Frost is the eleventh book in Shelia Connolly’s Orchard Mystery Series. When Monica Whitman comes to town she is eager to jump in head first into town activities. When Monica falls ill and tragically dies, it seems that something sinister is in the air. But she just moved to town. Who could possibly want her dead? As Meg begins to look into things, a few suspects emerge. Can Meg track down who is behind this terrible crime?

Here are my reasons to read this book.

Lovable Characters That Grow with the Series

There are a few series I must read in order because I am invested in the backstory. This is one of those series for me. I love Meg, Seth, and their journey. I look forward to their story just about as much as the mystery itself!

Winter Fun

This book is set during the winter and went a long way to help me beat the winter blues I have been experiencing in real life. The town of Granford even holds a WinterFare Celebration in the book to get the towns people out and moving during the long winter months.

So Many Places to Go!

There is so much of Meg and Seth’s story left and I can’t wait to see where the author takes them, and the other residents of Granford, in future books. I love that different characters are interacting and it’s providing some exciting new relationships!

Want to beat the Winter Blues?

Pick up a copy of The Late Frost by Sheila Connolly today. It is the perfect thing to keep you entertained on a cold winter day!

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