Behind the Scenes: Creating the First Cozy Experience

I walked through the door of my home office today and looked around. It was quiet. Empty.


The October Cozy Experience boxes are in the mail. Lovingly packaged. Carefully crafted. Created specially for mystery lovers across the country. Boxes just waiting to be opened. Enjoyed. And experienced.


I have learned a lot through the process of creating A Cozy Experience. First and foremost, cozy mystery readers and authors are a great bunch. The way everyone has embraced and supported this project has been humbling and inspiring. Our Facebook Community is full of wonderful souls who are such fun. And I’ve loved all the emails I have received with suggestions, tips, and recommendations. Keep them coming!

A Cozy Experience is more than just a box. It is the community. It is experiencing a book together. And more than just the book. This month, we celebrate October, Halloween, and all things Fall. A Cozy Experience is a place to find people who like to lose themselves in a good book, just like you do, but beyond that it is a place to come together and belong.


So what is next? The fun doesn’t stop while everyone anxiously waits for the postman to deliver their boxes. Conversation will be taking place on Facebook and Twitter. Save the Date for our October Live Facebook Party that will happen Wednesday, October 19th. Lisa and I are busy reading books to find selections for upcoming boxes.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. A journey to read and experience books in a whole new way. We are just getting started. It is going to be a great ride!