Book Review for Dial M for Mousse

Charming characters and delectable desserts make this book a treat from start to finish!

Just the Facts

Book Name: Dial M for Mousse (Third book in the Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery Series)

Author: Laura Bradford

Publisher: Berkley Mystery

A Little About the Book

Winnie is trying to keep her mind focused on her work at the Emergency Dessert Squad and off her relationship when she gets a called to deliver an order to a local retreat center. What she doesn’t expect to find is the retreat center’s director dead and all of the visitors standing around the body! What is going on? Can Winnie figure it out before the killer strikes again?

Stuff You Should Know

Sub-Themes: Culinary mystery, multi-generational friendships.

Can You Start this Series from the Middle:¬†I have read each installment of this series, but I would think you could. Winnie does have a back story (mostly a budding romance) that you get different pieces of from each book. It is an interesting story that involves her boyfriend’s teenage daughter. For that reason I’d recommend starting from the beginning to get the full effect of that story.

Marie’s Thoughts

I was worried at the beginning of this book because I felt Winnie starts off as weak and needy in the first chapter. But she quickly redeemed herself and was the endearing character I remember in past installments. Winnie’s elderly neighbors and friends have a central role in this book and I like the depth that is added to their personalities. It was nice to hear more about what they are going through; their fears and concerns and how they overcome them. This is always a fun series and enjoyed this book quite a bit.

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