Carpet Diem Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Carpet Diem (4th book in the Tallie Granger Mystery Series)

Author: Misty Simon

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

Tallie Graver’s cleaning business is booming and her team is competing for a big job cleaning a local mansion. Tallie thinks things are going well – until the cranky old woman who owns the mansion denies her the job and then Tallie finds the cleaner she is competing against for the job dead. As she digs a little deeper it turns out there was much more to her competition than meets the eye. Can Tallie get to the bottom of things before she suffers the same fate?

Marie’s Thoughts

This was a fun and entertaining book. Tallie is a spunky protagonist that is full of character and sass. She is fun to root for it is entertaining to see all the twists and turns taken by not only the story, but Tallie’s life as well. Coming in at book four in the series, I could tell Tallie had other life events that I missed out on, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book. The setting of a funeral home was unique and was handled in a very classy and enjoyable way that added to my enjoyment of the book. I am looking forward to future adventures from Tallie!

Join us for a party!

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