Christmas Cheer Any Time of Year – Hark the Herald Angels Slay

What could be better (and more perfect) to read this time of year than a new installment of Vicki Delany’s Year-Round Christmas Mystery Series?

In Hark the Herald Angels Slay, Merry Wilkerson is back and it is July in Rudolph, New York. The city’s mid-year Christmas celebration is in full swing, but things go from holiday cheer to full of jeer when Merry’s ex-fiancĂ© shows up in town and is found strangled to death in her shop. Can Merry get to the bottom of the situation?

Here are my top reasons to pick up a copy of this book.

A Magical Location

Rudolph, New York, known in the book as “America’s Christmas Town” is a perfect location for this series. Even though the location is fictional, it will have you wishing Rudolph could be the destination of your next vacation.

First Impressions Are Not Always What They Seem

I enjoyed the new supporting characters a lot in this book. The ones that came in to drive the mystery along. One in particular has a surprising twist to their personality that makes for an interesting dimension to the story.

Merry Continues to Grow

Our protagonist, Merry, continues to grow and evolve throughout this book. She’s faced with a couple of difficult decisions that made me eager to see where she ends up next.

For Christmas Cheer Any Time of Year …

Pick up a copy of Hark the Herald Angels Slay. It is a quick, fun, and engaging read that is sure to leave you in the Christmas spirit.

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Clemmie Jackson
Clemmie Jackson
4 years ago

Will put it on my list, looks interesting