Claws for Concern Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Claws for Concern (9th book in the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series)

Author: Miranda James

Publisher: Berkley Publishing

A Little About the Book

Charlie Harris is enjoying life as a new grandfather and volunteering at the Athena town library. But he, and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel are pulled into investigating a cold case involving a new found cousin of Charlie’s. Can Charlie get to the bottom of things, get justice for the victims, and bring his cousin some peace? 

Stuff You Should Know

Sub-Themes: libraries, small town, Southern charm, cats, older male protagonist

Can You Start the Series in the Middle: I’ve had no trouble picking this series up in the middle. Charlie is an established enough protagonist you can easily catch up on what is going on with him and not feel left behind.

Marie’s Thoughts

I love the voice this book is written with. We read the book from Charlie (our protagonist)’s point of view and he always has a calm and gentle presence to him. Books in this series are ones I want to read slow and savor. The plot of Claws and Concern was a little heaver than some cozies (it may feel that way for me because children are among the murder victims of the cold case). I was left feeling a bit sad at the end of the book, but it brought out real emotion, which is a testament to James’s talent as a writer. 

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Dean James
Dean James
5 years ago

Thank you so much for this lovely review!