Cozy Experience Book Club – October 2017

It is October and I have been SO very excited for us to read and experience this book together. I found this book several months ago and knew right away that I wanted to use it for this book club.

What Are We Reading?

We are reading Stirring the Plot this month. This is the third book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series by Daryl Wood Gerber.

Where Can You Find Us?

This is an online book club. We meet in a private Facebook Group. Search Facebook for “A Cozy Experience: Online Cozy Mystery Book Club.” and request to join. We will let you in!

How Do We Chat?

I will post a discussion question or topic every weekday throughout the month on our group’s Facebook Page. Feel free to come on over and chat with us as much or as little as you’d like (but I hope you’ll stop by often – it’s a fun group!)

We have a Facebook Party at the end of every month to discuss the book as a group. The date for this event is TBD. Keep an eye out to Facebook. I’ll post to both the group and the Cozy Experience Facebook Page once a date has been set.

Need Help Keeping it all Straight?

We have a sheet for that!! Download our free monthly book club printable and have a place to keep all your notes on the book in one place.

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