Cozy Experience March Madness – Round #2

Thanks to everyone who participated in Round 1 of the Cozy Experience Protagonist Showdown. It was so much fun!

We had over two hundred people cast their vote in Round 1 votes and it’s super cool to see the link getting shared and people talking about their favorite sleuths. While only half of the protagonists will move onto the next round, they are all great characters and the real goal is to get us excited about our favorite books and authors and maybe introduce you to some you haven’t read yet (We can always use more books for our TBR pile, am I right?)

So let’s get right to it. Who is moving on to Round 2 of the Cozy Protagonist Showdown.

Congratulations to our Round #2 Protagonists!

Sophie Winston – Domestic Diva Mystery Series by Krista Davis

Clare Cosi – Coffeehouse Mystery Series by Cleo Coyle

Jenna Hart – Cookbook Nook Mystery Series by Daryl Wood Gerber

Maggie Crozat – Cajun Country Mystery Series by Ellen Byron

Janet Marsh – Highland Bookshop Mystery Series by Molly MacRae

Erin Murphy – Food Lovers Mystery Series by Leslie Budewitz

Nora Pennington – The Secret, Book, and Scone Society by Ellery Adams

Bailey King – Amish Candy Shop Mystery Series by Amanda Flower

Reagan Summerside – Consignment Shop Mystery Series by Duffy Brown

Kate Davidson – Downward Dog Mystery Series by Tracy Weber

Daphne Templeton – Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery Series by Bethany Blake

Jordan Kelly – Book Collector Mystery Series by Victoria Abbott

Gemma Doyle – Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery Series by Vicki Delany

Ellison Russell – Country Club Mystery Series by Julie Mulhern

Carmela Betrand – Scrapbook Mystery Series by Laura Childs

Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie

Did your favorite make it to the next round?

Let us know in the comments below!

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5 years ago

Yes lots of mine made it!

Sheila Siarkiewicz
Sheila Siarkiewicz
5 years ago

All of mine made it!

Stephanie Hobrock
Stephanie Hobrock
5 years ago

Absolutely every one of mine made it!!!

5 years ago

Hopefully my favorite(s) make it!

Peggy R
5 years ago

I’m voting for Reagan Summerside from the Consignment Shop Mystery series by Duffy Brown. This was a hard choice as I love Bailey King and Jenna Hart as well.

Pamela Lloyd
Pamela Lloyd
5 years ago

Missed the first round…but several of my favorites made it to the second. I love Ellery Adams and read everything she publishes. Also Duffy Brown makes me happy. Vickie Delaney, Molly McRae, and of course anything Ms Christie. Wrote, I started reading Ms Christie when I was eleven, and I have never stopped. My all-time favorite is Sherlock Holmes. No mystery bookshelf is complete without him. I would also like to include Carolyn Haines. She delights my soul with her humor and her inventiveness.