Cozy Mystery Book Clubs – Facebook Edition (May 2017)

Cozy Mystery Book Clubs seem to be popping up all over Facebook these days. With the decline of in-person options for individuals who would like to join a book club, Facebook Groups seem to be filling a void and allowing fellow cozy lovers to connect.

What exactly is a Facebook Book Club?

A Facebook Book Club is (usually) a private Facebook Group, with a moderator, where participants will read one book per month and then chat about the book at the end of the month.

Another cool feature about these book club meetings is they give readers exclusive access to chat with the author of the books, who usually participate in the end of the month chat.

I’ve noticed a few more of these popping up lately, so I thought it may be useful to compile a list of the Book Clubs and what they are reading. It is not too late to pick up a copy of any of these books and join up for their May author chats!

Note: I’m including links to these groups, but since some are Private, the links may not work until you have joined the group. All groups can be found by searching for the group name in Facebook.

Kathi Daley Book Club
Moderator: Jayme Maness / Kathi Daley
May Featured Book: First Case by Kathi Daley
May Facebook Party: May 22-23

Death Becomes Us Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Tonya Kappes
May Featured Book: Death in Advertising by Laura Bradford
May Facebook Party: May 25th at 8 pm EST

A Readaholics Cozy Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Abby Fabian
May Featured Book: Death Among the Doilies by Mollie Cox Bryan
May Facebook Party: May 27th at 2 pm EST

Cozy Mysteries Once A Month Book Club
Moderator: Nicole Carino Garafolo
May Featured Book: If You’ve Got It, Haunt It by Rose Pressey
May Facebook Party: May 28th at 3 pm EST

A Cozy Experience: Online Cozy Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Marie McNary (me!)
May Featured Book: Nightshade for Warning by Bailey Cattrell
May Facebook Party: May 30th at 8 pm EST

What if these parties sound great, but you haven’t had time to read the book? If you are interested in checking out the book and or the author, I’d say hop onto the party anyway and see what it’s all about (you can always leave if you feel the party is going to contain spoilers you do not want – this varies depending on event).

Facebook Cozy Mystery Book Clubs are a great way to read great books, connect with fellow cozy reading friends, and chat with the authors behind the books.

Do you participate in Cozy Facebook Book Clubs? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’ve participated in and how your experience was!

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Mary Parsons
Mary Parsons
5 years ago

I do usually.

5 years ago

I had no idea they were even out there. I have been frustrated because I could never find a book club locally. I’m going now to try these out. Thanks!

5 years ago

The ” Cozy Mysteries Once a Month Club” is awesome. Very friendly, informative and fun.

5 years ago

I’m already in the first 3 and just put in to join yours, Marie. The more the merrier, lol.

Taryn Lee
Taryn Lee
5 years ago

I participate in Kathy Daley’s and Tonya Kappes book clubs. The questions are fun and you can interact with other cozy lovers by responding to their answers or by asking your own questions. Kathi has a moderator who asks questions over 2 days about whichever book of hers has been chosen and you can jump in at any time. There is also a post where you can ask Kathi questions and she will respond to those throughout the day. You vote on an author with Tonyas and then have a date for discussion. The author chosen is there and talks… Read more »

5 years ago

Yay for cozies!

Tara Brown
Tara Brown
5 years ago

I love participating in the Cozy Book Club events! It’s because of events and groups like these that I fell in love with cozies! 🙂