Cozy Mystery Book Clubs – June 2017 Edition

Have you discovered the wonderful world of online book clubs yet? Even though book clubs in your local area may be on the decline, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your fill of discussing a good book with friends. Facebook is full of online book club discussion groups for you to enjoy.

In May, I compiled a list of the Cozy Mystery Book Clubs and what they were reading. Many of you found it helpful and enjoyed having a list all in one place, so I am back to let you know what is coming up this month in June!

Note: I’m including links to these groups, but since some are Private, the links may not work until you have joined the group. All groups can be found by searching for the group name in Facebook.

Kathi Daley Book Club
Moderator: Jayme Maness / Kathi Daley
June Featured Books: Murder at Water’s Edge & Derby Divas by Kathi Daley
June Facebook Parties: June 5-6 (Murder at Water’s Edge), June 19 (Derby Divas)

Death Becomes Us Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Tonya Kappes
June Featured Book: Hex on the Beach by Gina Lamanna
June Facebook Party: June 25th at 8 pm EST

A Readaholics Cozy Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Abby Fabian
June Featured Book: A High-End Finish by Kate Carlisle
June Facebook Party: June 24th at 7 pm EST

Cozy Mysteries Once A Month Book Club
Moderator: Nicole Carino Garafolo
June Featured Book: Murder Past Due by Miranda James
June Facebook Party: June 25th at 3 pm EST

A Cozy Experience: Online Cozy Mystery Book Club
Moderator: Marie McNary (me!)
June Featured Book: Geared for the Grave by Duffy Brown
June Facebook Party: June 28th at 8 pm EST

There you have it. If you were having trouble deciding what to read next, look no further than one of these. If you are undecided if you’d like to commit, I recommend joining the group and just hanging out. See if the style, format, and tone of the group is one you would enjoy. These events should be fun! You want to find a group that you enjoy partaking in.

What online book clubs do you plan to participate in during the month of June? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Kim Templeton
Kim Templeton
5 years ago

Love that you are continuing to put this up and support the other groups. I am planning on participating in Kathi Daley’s Derby Divas discussion and Death Becomes Us-Hex on the Beach discussion of the clubs you have listed. Also this one is new for me so I don’t know how it works Killer Cozy Book Club week of June 19th discussion for Hot Scheming Mess by Lucy Carol (FB info in pinned post). And Thrillers,Suspense, & Mystery Readers discussion 6/25. This month’s pick is a crime thriller not a cozy but I’m going to try reading, Silent Screams by… Read more »

Claude Brickell
2 years ago

New mystery author: