Death in Kew Gardens Review + Giveaway

Just the Facts

Title: Death in Kew Gardens (3rd book in the Below the Stairs Mystery Series)

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Publisher: Berkley Publishing

About the Book

Murder becomes an international affair when the master of the house next door and self-proclaimed China expert, Sir Jacob is found dead. Kat Halloway steps out from beneath the stairs to once again investigate. When a kind “Chinaman” is accused of the murder, Kat knows she cannot allow him to be falsely accused. Can Kat uncover what secrets are buried deep in Kew Gardens and catch the killer before they strike again?

Marie’s Thoughts

If you are a fan of the Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries Mystery Series, you’ll enjoy this book. It is a British historical mystery with a little extra sass and flair. The characters are all well developed. I am invested in the stories of the secondary characters, just as much as the protagonist, which is telling of the quality of the characters. Do yourself a favor and check out the book – you won’t be sorry!

Who would like to win a copy?

I have a copy of Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley to give away thanks to Berkley Publishing. Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Best of luck!

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Clemmie jackson
Clemmie jackson
3 years ago

I have read the 2nd series & enjoyed it