December’s Box – Through the Eyes of a Subscriber

By Pam Morse

A Monthly Cozy Experience. Have you seen all of the subscription boxes that have popped up in the past year? A Cozy Experience is definitely one that is worth subscribing to! This month’s theme is Christmas. To be more precise, We Wish You A Murderous Christmas by Vicki Delany.

I live in the Pacific Northwest were we have had two major snow storms in the past week and a half. Mail was delayed and I was anxiously awaiting this month’s box. It finally arrived and I was not disappointed. This isn’t just a “get a book” box. The entire contents go with the monthly theme and to top it off, there is an online community to share the monthly delights with. Near the end of the month after everyone has had a chance to read the cozy mystery, the community gets together to share in the book. This gathering is just like one you find at your local library with the exception that all of the members are from across the US.


Now what does one expect to get in the cozy mystery box? The book of course along with a bookmark to keep my place. This month’s box also contained the following items. A Christmas potholder, a pack of Christmas napkins, a sugar cookie recipe and a cookie cutter. My cookie cutter was snowflake. I also received an ornament to hang on my tree, (a very pretty star). While reading my book I will also be able to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane. There was also a cute tiny bag with two pieces of chocolate.

I am looking forward to discussing this book with fellow cozy mystery lovers!

Pam Morse is an avid reader and has loved mysteries since she was about five years old. She is a college instructor of mathematics and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.