Enjoying Mysteries with Young Readers: 39 Clues

We often think of reading as a solitary event, but now days, reading can connect us with others. Whether it is joining a book club, talking with friends at our local library, or reading to young people in our lives.

Recently my young sons have been enjoying listening to the 39 Clues book series via audio book. And want to know what? I’ve been enjoying them too. I’ve found it to be a great way for us to connect and share a love of reading in a fun way.

About the series

This series follows orphaned children Amy and Dan Cahill. Their grandmother, Grace, dies and leaves behind a whopper in her will. A clue. A clue that will start them on an adventure to find the answer to long hidden family secrets and become the most powerful people in the world.

My boys are six and eight and have really enjoyed these books. As children, they enjoy the mystery, suspense, and humor. As a Mom, I enjoy that there is history, science, and math sprinkled in with the fun.

Why these are great as audio books

We are at book six and really enjoying consuming this series as audio books. We have listened to them in the car, the boys have listened individually through headphones, and we’ve also listened to them in our living room while working on household chores. I love that they are a form of entertainment we can enjoy together.

Don’t have young children in your life?

This is still a fun series for cozy mystery lovers to check out. They are designed for kids, which keeps them free from bad language. But they are full of suspenseful stories and real life struggles. There is always a mystery in each book as each installment sets out to find another clue

If you are looking for a series your family can enjoy together, this is a good choice.

They are full of adventure and suspense. They are great to open the doors discussing with young children that good and evil are not always easy to distinguish. And they have history, science, and math concepts sprinkled in in such a way that your kids will not even know they are learning.

Have you read this series? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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