Facebook Parties for Authors

Looking to get people talking about (& buying) your book?

What It Is:

For a set fee, I will host a Facebook Party for an author on your social media page. I will write the content, promote the party, and serve as a moderator / emcee on the party date. This can be a party pumping up a new release, featuring an older book you’d like to promote, or any other element you might be wanting to feature at a given time.

How It Works:

If you are interested in having me throw you a party, please send me an email. We’ll chat and make sure we can get the details worked out. I request three weeks notice before your requested party date.

A Little About Me:

  • My name is Marie McNary and I will be your event host.
  • I am an administrative professional with 15+ years of experience as an administrative assistant both in-person and virtually.
  • I live in Iowa with my husband and our three sons.
  • I write, run, and manage a Cozy Mystery Book blog and community called A Cozy Experience.

A Little About A Cozy Experience:

  • A Cozy Experience is a community for individuals who love cozy mystery books.
  • I run a cozy mystery blog, as well as a popular online cozy mystery monthly book club.
  • Our online mystery book club currently as 486 members.
  • A Cozy Experience is different from many other cozy book blogs in our thought out and strategic approach to blogging. We seek to provide a variety of content with the reader in mind. This includes book reviews, author interviews, weekly list of cozy mystery giveaways, monthly lists of cozy mystery book clubs, and more.
  • Past authors that have been featured in a Cozy Experience Book Group party include Krista DavisDuffy Brown, and Ellie Alexander.

A Facebook Party?

  • A gathering held at a specific date and time on your Author Facebook Page or Group.
  • Individuals from around the world gather gather to interact with you and discuss your book.

Why Do This?

  • This is a great way to get people excited about your book.
  • It gets people thinking about (and buying) your other books.
  • It is an opportunity for you to hear what readers think. These parties serve as mini focus groups that help you get inside the mind of your readers.
  • They are fun! Who doesn’t love hearing readers talk about how much they enjoy their book and characters?

What Do I Get?

  • An energetic and enthusiastic advocate ready to excite people about your book.
  • A custom Facebook Party designed for your audience.
  • Someone to facilitate all aspects of the party planning, implementation, and follow up.
  • Your book reviewed on multiple external websites.