The Fast and the Furriest Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: The Fast and the Furriest (Fifth book in the Second Chance Cat Mystery Series)

Author: Sofie Ryan

Publisher: Berkley Publishing

A Little About the Book

Sarah Grayson is enjoying life and work in North Harbor, Maine running her store, Second Chance. But when her employee and friend, Mac’s mysterious past catches up with him, it is up to Sarah and her elderly crime fighting friends, “The Angles” help clear Mac’s name and catch the killer. 

Things You Should Know

Sub-Themes: cats, elderly friends, small town business owner

Can You Start the Series in the Middle? I did. I will admit that since the story revolves around one of the supporting characters, I found myself often wondering what had been said about him and his backstory in future installments. If I had a choice, I’d probably start this series from the beginning.

If You Like: Laura Bradford’s Emergency Dessert Squad books, you’ll enjoy this series.

Marie’s Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. The characters were fun and the story progressed well. I did find myself wishing that I had read past installments of the series before this book. I think it would have added to my knowledge and understanding of the characters and their relationships with each other. Overall a fun book!

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5 years ago

Thanks Marie!