Get a Jolt of Holiday Fun with Freshly Ground Murder

Tonya Kappes is quickly becoming one of my favorite cozy mystery authors. Her books are just so effortless. Meaning they are easy to pick up, engage with the characters, and provide me with reading enjoyment, even if I’m not starting the series at book one.

Freshly Ground Murder is the third installment of the Killer Coffee Mystery Series. It is Roxanne Bloom’s first Christmas in Honey Springs and she can’t wait to take it all in. But when a friend and fellow business owner is found murdered, she just can’t stay away from asking a few questions. Start to finish this book will have you as hooked as a great cup of coffee. Here are my top reasons to read this book.

Christmas Cheer

Who doesn’t need a little Christmas spirit (regardless of the time of year)? This book is a comforting and enjoyable jolt of Christmas and really had a way of putting me in the mood for the holiday season to arrive.

A Culinary Cozy

If you’re a fan of the culinary cozies, you’ll love this book. You know the type of book I mean. Filled with imaginary of a quaint and charming coffee house. The protagonist is always whipping up a mouth watering creation in the kitchen. I was happy to see recipes are included with this book because I found myself anxious to try some of the creations I was reading about.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Coffee

I’m a coffee lover. From the smell, to the jolt of energy, to the blast of flavor. I love that coffee had a featured role in this book and I found myself intrigued by Roxie’s recipes for Christmas Harvest Blend Coffee and Christmas Coffee Bean Bark. I’ve never tried eating coffee beans before, but there is a first time for everything!

Let Your Holiday Cheer Start Right Now

And treat yourself to Freshly Ground Murder by Tonya Kappes. You can never go wrong with giving yourself the gift of a good book this holiday season and this one is sure to be a hit!

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Cat Tutt
Cat Tutt
5 years ago

Welp, you just sold me on this series. It having a holiday book AND being a great one for culinary book lovers… I gotta search it out! Thanks for the review!