A Halloween Cozy That Is a Surefire Hit!

This book had me from the first glance. Several items immediately attracted me to this book before I’d even read the summary paragraph.

First was the cover. For those of you who are like me and enjoy reading cozy mysteries in the season they are set, then this is a Fall / Halloween pick for you! Second was the series name. A Haunted Library Mystery. It was such a perfectly inspired idea for a Halloween cozy, I just knew I wanted to read it.

In the first installment of the series, Death Overdue, Carrie Singleton is drifting through life, not feeling like she has found anywhere to call home. All that changes with a promotion at work. Carrie is loving her new adventure as Director of Programs and Events at the Clover Ridge Library. Until one of the library’s guest speakers, a retired homicide detective, is poisoned after he claims he knows who committed a local murder that has been unsolved for the past fifteen years.

This book is entertaining and engaging. A solid start to the series. Here is why you should check it out.

Carrie is a work in progress

I think we can all relate to those protagonists who are still working to find their way in the world. Carrie is finally on a path to finding where we belongs, but I’m sure the path will have a few more twists and turns along the way. She is a determined protagonist ready to take on the world!

The library is haunted?!?!

Well, yes. But in a good way! I won’t give away any secrets about the library ghost, but she fits into the story in a supporting role. She is an endearing character who doesn’t overwhelm the story, but adds a delightful dynamic to it.

It’s set in a library

Working in a library is always one of those “dream jobs” I think would be so much fun. Carrie and her fellow library colleagues are center stage in this book. They allow me to live through them and read about all the fun without having to actual re-shelf books myself. 

A Halloween Hit

This is a Halloween hit that is sure to have you wanting to head over to your local library to see if you can find any resident ghosts to chat with. Death Overdue is one that you want to pick up today. It would be the perfect book to read while you are waiting for the neighborhood kiddos to ring your doorbell on Halloween night!

Do you enjoy Halloween themed cozies?

Let me know what some of your other favorites are in the comments below!

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Marilyn Levinson
5 years ago

Thank you so much for hosting me today and for your wonderful review of DEATH OVERDUE. So glad you enjoyed it!!

Karen Dubrinsky
Karen Dubrinsky
5 years ago

This sounds amazing! Halloween, cats, a library (I work in one), and a ghost! These are a ? few of my favorite things…? ??

Dianne Casey
Dianne Casey
5 years ago

This is my kind of book! Love the library setting, ghost and cat storyline.