If You Give a Girl a Cozy Mystery …

If you give a girl a cozy mystery,
She will want to snuggle right in and read it.


Once she snuggles in, she’ll realize she wants a snack.

She’ll need to bookmark to mark her page.
And have to find just the right bookmark to use that fits her mood and matches the book cover.

She will go to the kitchen to get a little chocolate.


After she tastes the chocolate, she’ll want a cup of tea to go with it.
After brewing a nice cuppa, she’ll go back in to snuggle in with her book.

A little mood would be nice.

So she lights a candle and smiles at the cute decoration on her table.


After all that, she’s exhausted and will sit down on the couch to rest.
Once she sits down, she’ll realize it’s time to snuggle in and read a good book.

* * *

Reading is an experience. You open the pages and are transported to another world. And for a few brief moments, you are one with the characters and the scenery. You experience life, love, happiness, and angst with the characters.

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