Journaled to Death Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Journaled to Death (A Journaling Mystery – First in a new series)

Author: Heather Redmond

Publisher: Severn House Publishers

About the Book

Mandy Meadows is a divorced, single mom doing the best she can. She works two jobs and runs a successful journaling v-log with her daughter. But when her cousin, Ryan, who rents Mandy’s downstairs apartment is found dead, Mandy’s world begins to come falling down around her. Can she find out what happened to Ryan and get justice for her cousin?

Marie’s Thoughts

This creative and edgy cozy mystery had many unique elements to it. I thought the idea of a journaling v-logger was creative. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that in a protagonist before. Mandy is easy to identify with – she struggles with a lot of things we all do. I also enjoy the relationship she has with her daughter. This book was an easy and enjoyable read over the weekend. 

You’re Invited

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