K Street Killing Book Review

This fun and fast paced mystery will leave you guessing until the end. A great read for any cozy mystery fan!

Just the Facts

Title: K Street Killing (4th installment of the Washington Whodunit Mystery Series)

Author: Colleen Shogan

Publisher: Camel Press

About the Book

It is campaign season on Capitol Hill and Kit Marshall is hard at work trying to get her boss reelected. However things take a deadly turn at the last fundraising event of the season when a prominent DC lobbyist falls to his death during their rooftop fundraiser. When Kit’s life is threatened, she knows she is getting close to the truth. Can she figure it out before it is too late?

Stuff You Should Know

Washington, DC, political intrigue, dogs / agility training

Can you start this series in the middle?
This is the first book in the series that I have read and I didn’t feel left behind in any way.

If you like…
Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett, you’ll like this book.

Marie’s Thoughts

I love the city of Washington, DC and was excited to see how the city played into the book. I enjoyed how the book involves politics but isn’t political in any way. It was a fun book and I’ll be back to check out Kit’s future adventures for sure!

And join us for a party!

Want to chat with Colleen about her book? You can have that chance on Wednesday, September 19th.  Join Colleen and several of her author friends as we dive into the world of the Washington Whodunit Mystery Series. It should be a lot of fun!

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