Larceny at the Library Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Larceny at the Library (A Washington Whodunit)

Author: Colleen Shogan

Publisher: Camel Press

About the Book

Congressional staffer, Kit Marshall is on hand for a special exhibit at the Library of Congress – the contents of Abraham Lincoln’s pockets on the night he was assassinated are on display. The next day, the body of a senior librarian is found and some of the priceless artifacts are missing. Kit’s husband, Doug finds the body and immediately becomes a suspect. Can Kit get to the bottom of the crime, clear Doug’s name, and catch the killer?

Marie’s Thoughts

These books are a tribute to what makes our nation’s capitol so special. I love that they give an insiders look into our country’s most historical buildings with none of the politics – just an appreciation for the rich history the places hold. Kit is a great protagonist and I always love going along on her adventures. 

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Colleen Shogan
Colleen Shogan
2 years ago

Thanks so much Marie!!