My Life Beyond the Cozies

It’s been another fun and exciting week in my world beyond the cozies. It is the heart of November, and I’m trying hard to keep focused on gratitude. Trying to be so busy being thankful for my blessings I have no time for anger, regret, or fear. I find if I’m intentional about focusing on the good, the bad feelings creep in less.

Last April, we said goodbye to our beloved dog, Garth. He was a part of our family for thirteen years and his departure left a hole in our hearts. While we have not added another dog back into the fold yet, one way we have all enjoyed keeping Garth’s memory alive is through our family evening read aloud time. My kids are hooked on the Puppy Place books. They follow a family who fosters puppies until they can find the perfect forever home. We have read SO many. This week was Scout. If you have elementary aged kids who love animals, give these a try. There is both a girl and a boy in the family and they really are written for all kids. Mine are hooked, that is for sure!

Another thing I’ve been focusing on lately is my health. I don’t know what it is about hitting the higher side of my 30s that has made me realize I need to try harder to stay healthy and active. Things just don’t come as easy as they used to! I decided to jump in with both feet and join an accountability group. I love this one because it focuses on developing one solid healthy habit per month and building on it. I started with increasing my water intake. I’m about a month in and already loving it and I can’t wait to add more habits to my list. Want to join me? (Cause these things are always more fun with friends), read this and sign up for more info. Or reach out to me and I’m happy to give you more info.

Other than that, I am looking forward to some family time this week. The boys have a shortened week of school and we have plans to spend some time with family and put up our Christmas decorations. I’ve held off as long as possible¬†and I think Friday will finally be my day!

What do you have planned for the week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

In case you missed it, a couple items from the Cozy Experience world this week. To my United States friends, a happy early Thanksgiving to you all!

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Cat Tutt
Cat Tutt
5 years ago

Oh, those books sound adorable! I would’ve loved those when I was a kid. And how great for families that actually do foster animals, to have a series to help the kids see these animals finding an amazing forever home. Seems like it might make it easier to let go of the ones their family fosters. Great job on the water! I hit that some day and miss the mark big time on the others. I usually get in my 8 glasses, but definitely not always. My week is all about Thanksgiving prep and Thanksgiving. Today we went to the… Read more »