Murder in the Reading Room Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Murder in the Reading Room (5th book in the Book Retreat Mystery Series)

Author: Ellery Adams

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

Secrets, lies, and death surround Storyton Hall Guardian, Jane Steward. Her boyfriend Edwin is being held captive and she is forced into a mental game of chess with his dangerous captor. When an ally is found murdered, Jane vows to bring him justice and not only free Edwin, but some long standing demons she has been facing as well.

Marie’s Thoughts

This book is magical. Saying it is a simple murder mystery story or traditional cozy mystery doesn’t do the book justice. The author paints a picture of such complex and multi-dimensional characters, they feel like more than just words on a page. They become real friends you’d love to get to know better. This book makes you feel – happy, sad, anger, joy. The reader stands side-by-side with Jane and you feel hope for her future, as well as for those she loves. Classic book lovers will appreciate the quotes and book references mixed into the story. All of Ellery Adams’ books are love letters to the written word and her love of literature can’t help but rub off on you as you read. 

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