Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches (3rd book in the Daisy’s Tea Garden Mystery Series)

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

When a ruthless restaurant critic visits Daisy’s Tea Garden, everyone is on edge. Things get even worse when the critic is found dead the next day – with a box of Daisy’s tea sandwiches on his counter. Can Daisy get to the bottom of how this man was really killed and clear her tea garden’s good name?

Marie’s Thoughts

Daisy is a widow with two daughters. One is in high school and the other college. This, along with trying to re-enter the world of dating herself, gives Daisy an array of personal issues to deal with you don’t often see in cozy mysteries. I felt like Daisy’s personal story took center stage with the murder placed in a secondary story line. I didn’t mind this. I thought the story was well told and I look forward to future adventures with Daisy and her girls!

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Marci Konecny
Marci Konecny
3 years ago

I need to move this book to the top of my pile… And those sandwiches look yummy!