Not a Creature Was Purring by Krista Davis

We’re going to Wagtail for Christmas! What could be more magical?

Not a Creature Was Purring is the fifth book in the Paws and Claws Mystery Series by Krista Davis. Holly Miller can’t wait to spend Christmas at home in Wagtail. Everything is going well until her friend and crush, Holmes Richardson brings his fiancee home for Christmas, and she is staying at the Sugar Maple Inn! And when murder strikes the town yet again, Holly knows she must push personal issues aside and help find out what really happened.

Sit down and prepare yourself for a Christmas gift courtesy of Krista Davis because this book is a hit! Here are my top reasons to read Not a Creature Was Purring.

Wagtail is Such a Great Place!

Wagtail is a town that caters to individuals experiencing life with their pets. Krista Davis always paints the most wonderful pictures of this town and has all of us wishing it was a real place we could go on our next vacation. Add that this book takes place during the Christmas season on top of that and it’s just downright magical.

Characters That Come Alive

I love the cast of characters in this book. Our protagonist, Holly, has a strong relationship with her grandmother (Oma), who she co-owns the Sugar Maple Inn with. Oma and Holly make a strong foundation and there are so many other supporting characters that enhance this story. I also love how the four legged characters take on life of their own and have important roles to play in the book.

The Food

I always enjoy hearing what is on the menu at the Sugar Maple Inn and this book is no exception. From the Cranberry Breakfast Rolls to the Gingerbread Pancakes, this book will be sure to leave you hungry. But don’t worry. Krista includes recipes for both humans and pets in the back of the book.

For a Magical Holiday Mystery …

Pick up a copy of Not a Creature Was Purring today. I have yet to read an installment of this series I do not adore and I can’t wait to see where Holly’s adventures take her next.

Can’t Get Enough of This Book?

It will be our featured selection in December for the Cozy Experience Online Book Club! More details coming soon, so be sure to sign up for our email list below and keep up with all the latest updates.

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