Pasta Mortem Book Review

Heartwarming, engaging, and entertaining, Pasta Mortem will keep you entertained until the final page.

Just the Facts

Title: Pasta Mortem (Seventh book in the Supper Club Mystery Series)

Authors: Rosemary Stevens and Ellery Adams

Publisher: Beyond the Page

A Little About the Book

Nostalgia is in the air as the old television series Hearth & Home is in Qunicy’s Gap celebrating the show’s 25th reunion. And librarian James Henry and his friends in the Supper Club have another mystery on their hands. When a businessman who is eager to turn Quincy’s Gap into the next big tourist destination is found dead, can James and the gang find out what really happened and restore peace and quiet to their beloved hometown?

Stuff You Should Know

food, culinary cozy, libraries, close friends, small town

Can You Start this Series in the Middle?
This was the first book I read in the Supper Club Mystery Series. And although I did sense the characters had past histories, I did not feel left behind at all and felt very comfortable starting the series with this book.

If You Like…
Miranda James’ Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series, you’ll enjoy this book.

Marie’s Thoughts

In past cozy mysteries I’ve read, I’ve always enjoyed the change of pace and voice a male protagonist brings to the table, and this book was no exception. James is an excellent protagonist and you can’t help but invest in him and his journey throughout the book. The plot engages you and keeps you guessing until the very end. A great book – I would recommend it to any cozy mystery lover!

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