Penne Dreadful Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Penne Dreadful (Italian Chef Mystery Book #1)

Author: Catherine Bruns

Publisher: Sourcebooks

About the Book

After her husband dies in a car accident, chef Tessa Esposito doesn’t think things can get any worse. She stands corrected when she finds out that his death was no accident. Now Tessa can’t rest until she uncovers the truth. But will she be able to make peace with what she finds?

Marie’s Thoughts

Strong start to a new series. At 399 pages, this book is a little longer than some other cozies, but it flew by. I enjoyed the characters and the story. Tessa and her family are rich characters and this book sets a solid foundation for whatever is to come. I look forward to seeing where Tessa’s adventures take her next. 

I hope your adventures bring you to this party!

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