Places to Find Cozy Mysteries to Review

Thank you to everyone who has been following along on my series, “Cozy Mystery Book Reviews 101.” If you missed the first three posts in the series, you can find them here

You have a desire to read and review cozy mystery books. You are eager and ready to get started. As you look around the world of social media, you notice folks reviewing new releases before they hit the shelves. How are they doing that? Below are my favorite places to find cozy mysteries to review. (Yes, including the new releases!)

But before we get to the New Releases …

Don’t overlook books that are already on the shelves! New releases are fun and exciting, but any book you read is an opportunity to review. Bookstores and libraries are full of options for you. If you are interested in a book, chances are someone else is too and they may appreciate you re-introducing a book they missed when it first came out. Don’t be afraid to review a book that has been out awhile. It is still helpful!


NetGalley is a reading community that provides early access to new releases. You create an account and then you are able to request books you would like to read in eReader format. NetGalley does ask you provide a review on their site once you have completed the book. NetGalley spans all genres of literature, so you are not limited to cozy mysteries on this site.

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours are blog tours that promote a new release, cover reveal, etc. for an author. These are a lot of fun if you have your own blog. You sign up to be added to their email list and you are notified anytime a new tour comes up. You only sign up for the ones you can fit into your schedule and are of interest to you. You have the option to write a review, host a guest post from the author, participate in giveaways, and more. These tours primarily feature cozy mysteries, but every now and then another type of fiction book will pop up. This was the first way I reviewed cozies and I will be forever grateful to Lori (who runs the program) for her kindness and answering all my questions as a new book reviewer trying to find my way.

Cozy Mystery Review Crew

The Cozy Mystery Review Crew is another place to find cozy mysteries to read and review. Follow them on Facebook and / or sign up for their email list to stay up-to-date on what is available for review. They will send you a physical copy of the book to read and you post reviews to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. on release day. You do not have to have a blog to review for this group.

FanGirl Nation

This is a site I have not personally reviewed for but was recently recommended to me. They review various genres of pop culture, from cozies to comics. Vicki, a member of our Cozy Experience community is a contributor for them and is happy to chat with anyone interested in this opportunity.

Individual Author Street Teams

Do you have a favorite author (or two, or five, or ten?) Check if they personally offer any review opportunities. Many authors have “Street Teams” or ways they stay in touch with their loyal fans when they have a new book coming out and would like some help spreading the word. Checking the author’s website is a great place to start. From there, get on their email list and find them on Facebook to see what types of opportunities they offer.

Do you have a favorite place to review that I missed? Are you an Author with a Street Team? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for checking out my series, “Cozy Mystery Book Reviews 101.” This is the fourth post in the series, a complete list of what is coming up in the series is below. If you sign up for my email list, you’ll be sure to never miss an installment!


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Kris Anderson
5 years ago

I am on Kate Carlisle’s review crew. She opens it up to applications periodically. Duffy Brown recently accepted people to review Lethal in Old Lace (on Facebook). Reading Alley is another source of books. They rarely have cozies, but they have other genres.

Paula Jacobson
Paula Jacobson
5 years ago

I’m ono Geraldine Evans’ Street Team and Tonya Kappes review team.

Paula Jacobson
Paula Jacobson
5 years ago

I have sent messages to the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours about doing reviews but haven’t heard back. How do you get on the list?

Carolyn Chambers Clark

I’m a reader and author of cozy mysteries. Would love to connect with more readers of cozies looking for books to review