Pulp Friction Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Pulp Friction (A Cider Shop Mystery Book 2)

Author: Julie Anne Lindsey

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

Winnie May Montgomery and the Smythe Orchard Cider Shop are enjoying some new business success with the opening of the Cider Shop. They even booked the orchard to host a wedding. But when the groom is found dead and Winnie’s ex-boyfriend, Hank is the main suspect, things get out of control fast. Can Winnie find the truth and clear Hank’s name before it is too late?

Marie’s Thoughts

When I’m reading a cozy mystery, there are several elements that draw me in. An appealing setting, characters that I can root for, and a mystery that keeps me guessing. But what keeps me coming back to a series is a strong and compelling story about the lives of the main character. This book has all of that and then some. Winnie is a delight and her story pulled me in so far there is no way I cannot be back for future books. If there would have been a “next book” in the series out in stores, I would have bought it and started reading immediately after I finished this one. 

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