Reading Goals for 2019

As a new year begins, I’ve heard lots of chatter about reading goals. I’ve noticed a lot of these goals tend to center around the number of books read. And while there is nothing wrong with that (hey, I always set a Goodreads Challenge¬†goal too), as I was reflecting on my reading habits last year, I realized I had a couple other goals in mind for my reading in 2019 and I thought I’d share those with you today.

Read from a variety of genres.

I read 58 books in 2018. Of those, only four books were not cozy mysteries. Now, I love cozy mysteries for a lot of reasons, but I found that I missed reading books in a variety of genres. I resolve to read more of those from now on. (In addition to my beloved cozies, which will be staying on my reading schedule for this year). 

Finish books I started in 2018 and did not finish.

Fiction I inhale at a rapid rate. Other genres take me a little longer. In 2018 I started several books in other genres, only to leave them half read when the next new mystery came long. This year there are several of those books I am looking forward to finally finishing.

Catch up on my favorite series.

There are several series that I adore and have fallen behind in. 2019 is the year I catch up. I have a list of several I want to start with and I’ll tell you all about those in an upcoming post.

Start a new series (or two).

There are a couple series I just keep hearing about that I have really wanted to read and never seem to find the time. 2019 is the year I find the time to dive into those books. (I’ll also tell you all about these in an upcoming post).

Most of all, my goal for 2019 is to enjoy reading.

We read because we enjoy it, right? The way it makes us feel. The way it allows us to escape into another reality. I hope this is a year that is filled with reading books you love, books that challenge you, and books that create happiness in your life.

Do you have any reading goals for this year? Let me know about them in the comments.

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Amanda L
Amanda L
4 years ago

Good luck, Marie! Those sound like excellent reading goals for the year!

Katherine King
Katherine King
4 years ago

Last year was all new authors for me. This year is all about WWII, 50 total.