Reasons to Read “Brewing Up Murder” by Neila Young

This book was pure fun! Neila Young is a new author to me and I didn’t quite know what to expect going in, but the book was a wonderful surprise. It combined some of my favorite things: coffee, cozy mysteries, and a great story.

Brewing Up Murder is the first book in the Coffee Cup Mystery Series. It follows barista Blake Harper through her life as a 30-something single coffee shop owner. When one of Blake’s employees is found murdered in the her coffee shop, Blake can’t just sit around and wait for the killer to strike again. She has to take action.

Here are my favorite reasons to read this book.

Family Love

Blake is part of a close knit group of siblings who are loyal, fierce, and fun. The siblings provide a strong family unit for each other and are enjoyable to get to know. Blake’s sister is also the police detective in the book. I thought that was an interesting touch – I don’t know if I’ve ever come across that dynamic in a cozy before.

Two Likable Love Interests

Many times when the protagonist is involved in a love triangle, I have one “horse in the race” that I am really rooting for. Blake has two eligible suitors in this book and I found myself liking them both! I kind of hope that Blake doesn’t pick a suitor for awhile. I feel both men are enjoyable to read about and add to the dynamic of the story.

I Had No Clue Who the Killer Was

Like, none. At all. Sometimes it bothers me when I feel the killer comes out of left field, but the author has a solid back story as to the motive for the crimes and after I read it, I found I enjoyed the twist. I also love that it set up a lot of different directions different characters can go in future books.

If you are a fan of coffee and cozies, pick up a copy of this book.

It is a quick and entertaining read and I know I have found a new author to follow for sure. I can’t wait to see what Blake and the rest of the gang are up to in future books!

Is Neila Young a new author to you? Let me know if you’ll be trying this one in the comments below.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone. 

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