Reasons to Read “Plantation Shudders”

Want a good reason to enter the cozy mystery giveaways you see online? Even if you feel like you never win? Do it! Because you might just find a new favorite author. That is what happened to me. I entered a contest on Ellen Bryon’s Author Facebook Page and I won an audio copy of Plantation Shudders! I binge listened to the entire thing in a couple days and now I am hooked on this series for life!

Plantation Shudders is the first book in the Cajun Country Mystery Series. The series follows Maggie Crozat, an aspiring artist, as she returns home to help run the family plantation turned Bed & Breakfast in Louisiana after living in New York for the past ten years. This book provides a strong beginning to a wonderful series.

Need more reasons to check it out? Here are some of my top reasons to read this book.

An Endearing Protagonist

Maggie makes a great protagonist for this series. She is lovable and hard working, but we see her flaws and insecurities come out too. She is filled with loyalty to her family, as well as humor and grace. The author does a nice job at giving us a lot of layers to Maggie that make her a main character with depth behind her.

Laugh Out Loud Humor

This book is so entertaining. From Gran and her “internet findings,” to Maggie’s small town southern friends, to the glimpses we get into what Maggie is really thinking in certain situations. The book made me laugh out loud multiple times. If you get a chance to snag an audio copy of this book, do it. The humor really shines through in the narration!

Serious Topics Within the Humor

I always appreciate when cozy mystery authors find a way to put a little meat into their book in a way that still stays true to the nature of a cozy mystery. Ellen Byron does this well as she weaves in the issue of Bo, Maggie’s love interest, dealing with his young son’s selective mutism. If you enjoy Julie Mulhern’s Country Club Murders Series, you’ll get similar elements of humor, with a deeper story behind it in Plantation Shudders as well.

If you are looking for a cozy mystery with depth, humor, and a good helping of southern charm, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Plantation Shudders.

And after you’re through, join us in the Cozy Experience Facebook Book Group. This is our featured book for July 2017 and we would love to heave you discuss it with us.

Have you read any of the Cajun Country Mysteries before? Let me know what you think of this series in the comments below!

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Ellen Byron
Ellen Byron
5 years ago

I’m so touched!! I’m crying. That’s my comment. xoxoxo