Reasons to Read A Charming Misfortune

Title: A Charming Misfortune (11th book in the Magical Cures Mystery Series)
Author: Tonya Kappes

What is more fun than a cozy mystery with a little magic? In A Charming Misfortune, the Audubon Society comes to Whispering Falls in search of a rare bird. When one of their fellow travelers is found dead, June Heal pulls out her magic tricks to help solve the case.

Charming Characters

There is a wide variety of characters in this book that provide lots of entertainment. From sweet and endearing, to mysterious, to a little crazy. The town of Whispering Falls has them all!

A Page Turning Mystery

The mystery of two killed the exotic zoo keeper kept me guessing until the very end. The reader is left wondering not only who committed the crime, but also what significance (if any) does the rare bird have and how does it fit into the story.

Leaves You Wanting More

Although the mystery is solved by the end of the book, the author does leave you with something in the last few pages that makes you sure to turn into the next installment in the series.

One Thing to Note …

While I really enjoyed the book, as someone who is new to the series, I did find myself a little left behind on the magical world and elements. I’m sure this could have been avoided if I would have started the series from the beginning.

PS: If you’d like to start from Book One, now is a great time. It’s FREE on Amazon

Overall, a fun book!

This was a quick read that is enjoyable, engaging, and sure to entertain. I enjoyed the cozy feel to the town and the charming elements of the main characters.

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Tonya Kappes
3 years ago

Thank you so much!!


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