Restaurant Weeks Are Murder Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Restaurant Weeks Are Murder (3rd book in the Poppy McAllister Mystery Series)

Author: Libby Klein

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

It is Restaurant Week and Poppy is excited to be teaming up with her former fiancee, Tim, for a high-profile city wide competition. But things keep going wrong on set and one of the judges even dies after eating a bit of Poppy’s cannoli! Can she figure out what is going on before she becomes the police’s prime suspect?

Marie’s Thoughts

I’ve wanted to read this series for awhile now (others have recommended it) and it did not disappoint. The author infuses humor into the pages in an entertaining and charming way. A fun book full of flair and fire. Great characters – I always enjoy multi-generational characters in a book. I did feel I probably missed a bit of Poppy’s backstory starting in at book three, but that made me want to go back and read the first two books in the series. #TeamGia

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