September Cozy Experience Book Club

I cannot believe it is already September. A certain excitement is in the air at my house. Mostly because I love fall! It is my favorite season. Everything about it, from the cooler weather, to the colors, to the decorations. It all just makes me happy. Want to know another thing I love about Fall? The cozies! It is the perfect season to curl up in front of the fire with a cozy mystery book. 

With the new month, brings a new book that the Cozy Experience Online Book Club is reading. This is a free Facebook group that anyone can join. So if you are not a member, come over and join us in September. 

What are we reading?

Flipped for Murder. The first book in the Country Store Mystery Series by Maddie Day.

Where are we chatting?

The “A Cozy Experience: Online Cozy Mystery Book Club”. This is a Closed Facebook Group, so if the link doesn’t work for you, search for the name and request to join. We’ll let you in.

When is the party with Maddie?

Maddie will be joining us on Monday, September 25th at 7 pm CST (8 pm EST) to talk about the book.

How do I keep track of what I read in the book?

We’ve got you covered! Download the Flipped for Murder Book Club Printable and take notes as you read.

Use this as a place to keep all your thoughts and notes as you read the book so they are ready come party day.

Do you plan to join us in September? I can’t wait to read this one with you all!

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Heather Bill
Heather Bill
5 years ago

Thanks for another discussion printable! I think these are so cute and helpful! 🙂 Heather