Sifting Through Clues Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Sifting Through Clues (8th book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series)

Author: Daryl Wood Gerber

Publisher: Beyond the Page

About the Book

The Crystal Cove Library is hosting Book Club Bonanza Week and the town is swarming with book lovers. Cookbook Nook owner, Jenna Hart is excited because her book club is even hosting a “movable feast.” However the movable feast ends in tragedy when one of the book club members is found murdered. Jenna just keeps coming up with new evidence and she can’t help but get involved. Can she figure things out before someone gets away with murder?

Marie’s Thoughts

The author does such a wonderful job painting a beautiful picture of the town of Crystal Cove, I wanted to go and visit after the book was complete. The mystery kept me guessing and included many twists and turns. The book is also filled with mouth watering recipes, many of which are included in the back of the book with both a regular and gluten free version of the recipe. 

Join us for a Party!

Come learn all about the book from author Daryl Wood Gerber on Tuesday, April 23rd. And if I know Daryl, she’ll be brining along some great giveaways to share!

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