Sleuth on Safari Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Sleuth on Safari (A Traveler Cozy Mystery)

Author: A R Kennedy

About the Book

Naomi and her sister are on the trip of a lifetime Рan African safari. But when one of their fellow travelers is found dead from what seems like an animal attack, Naomi thinks it could be murder. With only a few vacation days left, can she figure out what really happened before someone gets away with murder? 

Marie’s Thoughts

Naomi and her sister, Charlotte are in for a vacation neither will soon forget. I thought the sisters had an entertaining dynamic through the book that was a lot of fun. The mystery had a lot of twists and turns. I thought I kew who the killer was, but I turned  out to be wrong. I hope Naomi and Charlotte will entertain us with more adventures in the future.

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