Some Changes at A Cozy Experience

A Cozy Experience started in October 2016 out of a love for cozy mystery books. We wanted to help readers find new ways to celebrate and experience their favorite books. That is still our primary focus and we love finding new ways to do this.

One way we have done this is through our Cozy Experience Book Box. Each month, since October 2016, we provide a cozy mystery book, as well as items inspired by the book delivered to your front door. This has been a lot of fun and we love providing these experiences for you.

We have looked extensively at all of the services offered at Cozy Experience and have made the decision to apply a greater focus to our blog and book discussions. For this reason, we will be discontinuing the monthly book boxes and May 2017 will be the last Cozy Experience Book Box.

But we aren’t going anywhere! We are actively working on new and exciting ways for you to experience and support your favorite books and authors. Please stay in touch with us on our email list, social media, and website. We will still be talking cozies, reviewing books, and more.

Thank you for your support of A Cozy Experience. You are all a wonderful community and we look forward to continuing to chat and experience cozy mystery books with you in new ways in the future!

Thanks again for your support of Cozy Experience!

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