Staging is Murder Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Staging is Murder (First book in the Laura Bishop Mystery Series)

Author: Grace Topping

Publisher: Henery Press

About the Book

Laura Bishop just got her first job as a home stager – and it is for a client who is known for being incredibly difficult. Things get even worse when her client is murdered and Laura’s assistant is the prime suspect. Can Laura find the real killer and prove her assistant’s innocence before she becomes the next victim? 

Marie’s Thoughts

Fans of Krista Davis’ Domestic Diva Mystery Series will enjoy this book. It draws you in and keeps the reader engaged from beginning until end. A strong first installment to the series. The book kept me guessing. I thought I had the ending figured out twice, only to have it turn out I was wrong. I’m looking forward to reading more of Laura’s future adventures!

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Grace Topping
Grace Topping
4 years ago

Thank you, Marie, for the lovely review.