Staging Wars Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Staging Wars (Laura Bishop Mystery #2)

Author: Grace Topping

Publisher: Henery Press

About the Book

If your nemesis was accused of murder, would you help them? This is the question home stager Laura Bishop faces when her long time rival, Monica Heller is accused of murder. Laura works to overcome her feelings to help Monica, but it isn’t easy. Can Laura get to the bottom of things and overcome her personal struggles as well?

Marie’s Thoughts

Another fun book in an entertaining series. Laura’s journey to success in a new career is inspiring and you can’t help but root for her to succeed. The mystery kept me guessing and I enjoyed reading about the struggle Laura went through helping someone who isn’t her favorite person. Two thumbs up!

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Grace Topping
Grace Topping
3 years ago

Thank you, Marie, for the thought provoking review. I look forward to the launch party for Staging Wars.

Ashley Montgomery
Ashley Montgomery
3 years ago

Looking forward to the Launch Party!!