Still Knife Painting Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Still Knife Painting (A Paint & Shine Mystery – first in the series)

Author: Cheryl Hollon

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

About the Book

Miranda Trent has just inherited her uncle’s homestead in Eastern Kentucky. She opens a new business to go with her new home – Paint & Shine. An outdoor painting class, combined with a southern dinner paired with local moonshine. But when one of her cooks, a beloved local, is found dead, Miranda’s business may be doomed. Can she get justice for this woman and save her new business from bankruptcy? 

Marie’s Thoughts

A strong start to a new series! I enjoyed reading about Miranda’s adventures, as she starts over in a new town. She has a new beginning and is figuring out how to make it all work. The idea for her business is very creative and I can see it inspiring a lot of story lines for the series in the future. As an introvert, I enjoyed reading about a cozy protagonist with a more introverted personality. It doesn’t happen very often and is a nice touch!

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